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astro_icons's Journal

Astronomy icons
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Welcome to Astronomy Icons!

Made an astronomy-related icon? Looking for an astronomy-related icon? Happen to like icons and astronomy and stumbled across this community? Well, you've come to the right place!

astro_icons is meant to be a fun, productive place where we can share our creativity and our love of astronomy. Feel free to post things besides icons, such as friends only banners, wallpapers, or, if you're feeling ambitious, a mood theme. Or whatever. Requests are welcome.

- Don't steal. Please credit the maker in keywords, and above all, DO NOT try to pass something off as your own work if it's not!
- Don't hotlink. That kind of goes along with the stealing thing, only with bandwith. Some people pay for their bandwith, and those that don't often have limited amounts, so please respect them!
- Be original. No one likes a copycat, and that takes all the fun out of it.
- Be specific with requests. As specific as possible, that is. It's easier to get exactly what you want that way.
- Use lj-cuts for more than 3 icons or stuff besides icons. They're in FAQ if you can't remember the HTML codes - I know I can't, haha.
- Be respectful. We'll all have more fun if we get along.

This is the place where I'll post links to sites I've found that have good pictures. Feel free to recommend any of your favorites!
Astronomy.com photo gallery
NASA multimedia gallery
NASA "Astronomy picture of the day" archive

Background image courtesy of sprocket135

This community is maintained by french_hoorn. Issue, complaint, idea, comment, concern? Take it up with her - she doesn't bite. :o)